State-Of-The-Art Mailer Review With Tracking Stats (Free Member Results)

What Is SOTAM?

State-Of-The-Art Mailer is a safelist mailer site featuring over 41,000 members. This site has been in business since March 2010 and is run by Brad Webb and Paul Coonan.

This safelist mailer is for people who are wanting to grow their downlines, get affiliate sales, and build their lists. But, SOTAM goes beyond a traditional mailer because they offer various ways to advertise on the site aside from using the mailer itself.

If you’re not familiar with mailers, they are advertising sites that offer members the ability to send emails to other members who have consented to receiving offers from other members. They are typically free to join and rely on credit-based emails for accumulating credits to used to sent out emails within their databases. For members who do not wish to accumulate credits for their mailings, credits can be purchased or monthly upgrades offered to provide credits on a regular basis.


Beyond A Mailer

The most popular way to advertise on SOTAM apart from the mailer is their Golden Solo ads and Login Ads. Below is a list of the many ways you can advertise on SOTAM:


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My Results With SOTAM

Although there are many affordable monthly upgrade options, I have been using SOTAM as a free member for years. Unlike 99% of mailers out there, SOTAM actually allows free members to mail to 500 random members every 7 days using absolutely NO credits whatsoever. This is a very rare feature with mailers and any online advertising site.

Below is my tracking stats using the free weekly mailer to 500 members. I realize this isn’t much, but given it’s free and easy to manage every week, why not take advantage of it?


Get Massive Exposure By Upgrading

Upgrading your membership level allows you to reach thousands more members for a very low monthly cost – under $9! The way SOTAM works is through Button Escalation. These button levels become unlocked the more credits you accumulate and also depending on your upgrade level.

By taking a monthly upgrade, you no longer need to click for credits anymore. You can simply login and send you email to thousands of members (depending on your monthly upgrade level).



State-Of-The-Art Mailer is a stable, long-term mailer site that does deliver results. It would not be around for over 10 years if it did not! The owers are very responsive to support tickets, and the monthly upgrades begin at just $9. Even free members can use this site and get results, as shown above.

However, do not expect quick, life-altering advertising from SOTAM or any mailer site! The best way to approach any mailer is with consistency. You will get opt-ins on a regular basis if you keep mailing out as often as possible, according to your membership level. Remember, this is COLD TRAFFIC and these members have been and currently are being exposed to hundreds of offers each day.

If you feel like SOTAM would benefit your business, feel free to join for free and test it out or take advantage of the low monthly upgrades for hands-free advertising.

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