Sarah Chew Solo Ad Review

Today I want to share with results using Sarah Chew’s solo ads.

Around 32 hours ago, for the first time ever, I purchased 100 clicks from Sarah’s Silver Package, which is 80% Tier One traffic. I messaged her on Facebook and she was very quick to respond. She assured me that my offer was fine and she would start my traffic within 24 hours. I promoted a lead capture page.

The next morning I woke up and already had around 10 new subscribers on my list. The subscribers kept coming in steadily throughout the day. Around the afternoon I actually got a phone call from a lead who was interested in learning more about my business. She says she’ll get started next week, so we’ll see.

I texted some of my signups and ended up speaking with one guy who actually signed up for the marketing system I’m using, since he didn’t want my primary opportunity. That will pay out residual monthly income as long as he remains a member.

In total, FIVE people signed up to my primary business and I currently have 39 new subscribers on my email list. I still may get a few more today, but I would be happy just as it is.

The bottom line is that Sarah Chew is a legitimate solo ad provider and the traffic is great. Her prices are very competitive and she is extremely friendly (responds quickly on Facebook).

I paid $50 for 100 clicks and feel the investment was well worth it. I recommend using her solo ads if you want fast, high-quality traffic to your offer. I will definitely use her services again in the furture.

Here is her website or you can also find her on UDimi (get $5 off your first solo ad).


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