Jasdeep Singh Solo Ad Review With Tracking Stats

In this post, I’m going to share with you my results using Jasdeep Singh’s premium solo ads. This is the very first time I had used his solo ad service, and this is a 100% honest review.


Who Is Jasdeep?

If you’re not familiar with Jasdeep Singh, he is a solo ad provided/traffic expert based out of London. He currently offers both Premium 100% Tier 1 packages and 100% USA Buyers Traffic. Also, he claims to offer “world-class customer support” and “the best email advertising”. Those are pretty big claims!

I was really interested in knowing for myself… as I do usually opt from lower-priced traffic. Would using Premium Solo Ads make a difference for me?



At the time of writing this post, the cost for the Premium 100% Tier 1 Traffic starts at $1 per click and then reduces the more clicks you purchase. The lowest amount of clicks you can purchase is 100, and the highest amount is 5,000 (.80 per click).

With the 100% USA Buyers Traffic, the cost-per-click is slightly higher. For 100 clicks, the cost is $1.20 per click and then reduces down to .82 per click if you purchase the highest amount of clicks, which is 5,000.

As you can see, these prices are on the higher end compared to many solo ad providers. On UDimi, you can often get pretty good traffic at .35 to .50 per click. Would paying $1 per click make a difference?


My Experience

In exchange for an affiliate commission, he Jasdeep offered me 60 Premium Tier-1 clicks. I accepted. But before I get into the analytics, I will share the customer service experience…

I did email Jasdeep, but received no response, so I contacted him on Facebook through his page. He responded very shortly thereafter and was very prompt to answer my questions. I do recommend contacting him on Facebook rather than email.

My Capture Page

Here is the capture page that I had him promote.

What Happened

I provided my link to Jasdeep and around 24 hours later I started getting traffic. He did provide me with a tracking link so I could see the progress of the clicks, which I appreciated.

Over the next few days, I kept getting traffic at a nice pace. You can see the stats from the tracking link he provided me. As you can see, I did receive 100% tier 1 traffic and 60 unique clicks, as agreed upon. However, the majority of the clicks were from mobile, which I am not sure is sometime I like. Please comment below if you think mobile clicks have any effect on conversions.


Did I get any sales? No. I did not. Honestly, I did not expect many, if any, sales from just 60 clicks.

However, I had one response to my initial autoresponder message upon opt-in. The subscriber asked if the opportunity was “for real”. I responded that I had been paid from it and it was definitely “real”. She asked if this was some type of sales gig. I asked if she had any experience with affiliate marketing. She responded that she did not.

Since this solo ad run, I’ve also receive another email inquiry from a subscriber about the opportunity I am promoting email follow-up series.

All in all, I did get 26 new subscribers on my email list.

(see my own tracking stats in LeadsLeap below)



Dealing with Jasdeep was a professional experience and he is very responsive on Facebook. I was very happy to receive 26 new subscribers from 60 clicks.

I would give this solo ad provider another go with a larger traffic package and probably another offer that cold traffic may respond to better. To be 100% honest, I have received very similar results with other solo ad providers who charge $0.50 per click for 100 clicks (half of what Jasdeep charges). At this point, I’m not sure what the difference is or if there is a difference in the quality of traffic from other solo ad providers.

If you want to try out Jasdeep’s solo ads for yourself, click here and I will earn an affiliate commission. I appreciate your support!! Of course, comment below if you’ve purchased solo ads from Jasdeep Signh before and what your results were.

2 Replies to “Jasdeep Singh Solo Ad Review With Tracking Stats”

  1. I used to purchased solo ads clicks from him in the past. I did experience good opt ins but never a sale regardless of the offer. At one point he was the best solo ad vendor around.

    I’ve had better results buying cheap solos from safelist mailers. They are more targeted and are already sold on our niche.

    Recently my best conversions have been by writing reviews on Leadsleap.

    Thanks for sharing

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