How to Create Your Own [Free] Custom Banners to Advertise In Traffic Sites

Do You Do Banner Advertising?

Banner advertising can be an effective way to promote your affiliate offers, depending on what you’re promoting and where you’re promoting.

Most affiliate programs will provide banners for you to use for your promotions. This is great and using these banners can be effective…

But there is a catch to this…

If you’re promoting the same program or site that many other marketers also are promoting, you are probably going to see low click through rates and less results because people already know what you’re promoting.

It’s also a good idea to brand yourself with your photo if you can, using that same image in all your banners and promotions (email signature line, website, social media headers, etc.)


The [Free & Easy] Solution

What you can do to really stand out with your banner ad promotions is create your own custom banner ads that nobody else is promoting.

You can do this 100% free and very easily (within just a couple minutes) at Instant Banner Creator.

Wait…before you go any further, make sure to watch my step-by-step tutorial below and subscribe to my Youtube channel if you want to see more useful traffic tips & honest traffic reviews!


5 Reason I Use Instant Banner Creator

Here are some of the top reasons I use this super simple software for creating banner graphics.

  1. Basically NO learning curve
  2. Instant banner template available
  3. Create banner graphics in a few minutes or less
  4. Free members have several template options
  5. Save your graphics for use later


Their high converting templates, clip art, fonts and all the stuff you need to create sweet graphics… you just drag and drop them onto the templates, save and you are done!

Get your 100% FREE account here

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