Herculist.com Mailer Review with Tracking Stats

What is Herculist?

Herculist has been in the online advertising space for nearly 20 years, so it’s a very well-established site. They offer a lifetime free membership as well as paid upgrades (monthly and lifetime) at very cost-effective rates.


Who is Herculist for? 

This advertising site is geared primarily toward people seeking to get leads and sign-ups in their affiliate programs, build MLM downlines, and attract new leads to their income opportunities. If you’re in the make-money space, crypto, traffic/advertising, or network marketing, then Herculist is for you.

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How to Use Herculist

There are several ways to advertise within Herculist ranging from Prime ads to Hercublurb and the Zone.  Here’s a brief overview of each advertising method:

Prime Ads – These are the ads shown within the site itself everytime you click to a new screen (practically).

Hercublurb – These are the pop-up ads located in the right sidebar of your screen

TheZone – This is the area where members can surf

Contact Solo Ads – Submit your email to subscribed contact email address of over 81K members

Regular Mailer – Submit your email without using credits. Free can submit daily to 1,000, upgraded members can submit daily to entire database

Credit Mailer – Submit you email using credits. (1 member is reached for every 2 credits used)


How I Personally Use Herculist

I really only use this site for the regular mailer. As a lifetime Gold member, I can submit to the entire member database every single day. That’s over 94K members, so you would assume I’m getting major results, right? Not exactly.


What is really LIKE about Herculist is the fact that their traffic is indeed REAL. You can see the Real and Unique numbers are very similar, which is a good sign.

The response rate is on the low side, but this is the Regular mailer I’m using with no credits. That means members have zero incentive to click on my ads. I am still fine with these results because I’m slowly building my list and getting some sign-ups on a consistent basis.



I cannot attest to the effectiveness other types of advertising offered within Herculist, but they’ve been around long enough to be doing something correct. With a huge member database with over 94K people, you have an opportunity to reach fresh prospects on a regular basis. I know of network marketers who are getting great results with the other types of advertising within Herculist.

I personally do recommend the lifetime Gold membership if you decide to move forward with this site. Do not expect wonderous results with the mailer, but if you stay consistent and mail daily, you will see a trickle of opt-ins come in on a regular basis. This alone is worth it to me because it takes me a few minutes a day to re-send my saved email ad.

What do you think about Herculist? Have you tried it or have any opinion on it? Comment below!

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