Free Link Rotator & Lifetime Traffic: Top Dogs Rotator Review (Payment Proof)

Why Use A Rotator?

If you’re not familiar with link rotators, they allow you to rotate several affiliate links by promoting just one link. This means each time someone visits your rotator link, one of your affiliate sites is rotated and displayed.

Here are some benefits of using a link rotator:

  • Promote many websites at once in traffic exchanges that only allow you to add a very limited amount of websites
  • Help your downline by promoting their affiliate links (common in network marketing or multi-tiered affiliate programs)
  • Simplify your online marketing by not having to keep track of multiple links you’re promoting (just promote ONE link and marketing all your affiliate opportunities)


What’s The Cost?

No, there is no cost whatsoever to use TopDogs Rotator link rotator tool. You  never have to upgrade to use the rotator. Free members can add unlimited sites to their rotators. You can easily add links to the rotator with the click of a button. Just click “Add Sites to Rotator”.

Rotator Features

Here are the many cool features of this free rotator. Here’s a list:

  • Add unlimited sites – anything except porn
  • NOTHING is shown at the top of your site (no distractions from your site). Your website is shown 100% except for a tiny box* in the corner that disappears after a few seconds.
  • UNBREAKABLE frames that work perfectly.
  • You can actually earn website visitors to your rotator by viewing micro ads on the TopDogs site.
  • Easy add, pause, and delete links with the rotator with the click of a button.

*This tiny box is the TopDogs logo and directs to your TopDogs’ referral link (it’s built-in). This allows you to get referral commissions if people sign up and upgrade. 


Affiliate Program

You will also earn affiliate commissions regardless of the membership leve you’re at. As a free member, I was paid several times. I decided to upgrade to get the traffic and higher commissions on referral purchases. Once you purchase any of the lifetime upgrades, you are able to earn 2-tier commissions!

Depending on the lifetime traffic pack you get,  you will earn between 30% and 40% commissions on referral upgrades. Plus, 10% on 2nd level referral sales regardless of the pack you purchase. Only upgraded members can earn 2-tier commissions.

See my payment proof here:



Updated 1/14/21



I did upgrade to the $47 traffic package in October. I actually used my affiliate commissions to purchase the upgrade. So far, I have noticed the hit credits that I have assigned to my site are being used. I like how I can see the detailed stats with the sources of hits, dates, and IP addresses of the hits from within my TopDogs account. The hits appear to be coming from the admin’s other traffic sites such as 1Goldmine, Profits Lion, 50 A Day Gets You Paid, and more.

However…. I am NOT seeing much response from this traffic. See my tracking stats:

According to these stats, the response rate is very low. However, I understand my ads are being shown through a network of sites, not just TopDogsRotator, so I am not entirely sure these stats are accurate.



I personally use TopDogs Rotator for rotating my links, primarily. You have nothing to lose, just try it out. There’s no cost to sign up and use the rotator feature. It works really smoothly and you will not be disappointed. This is your best option for a url rotator. And the affiliate program is solid… the 2-tier commissions are also nice if you take a lifetime upgrade. As far as the traffic? So far, not sure about it.


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